Purchase of a recreational craft used or new is a purchase that has to be done in good consideration. You have, of course, years to implement your dream. When the decision is taken, and you are looking for the best fit vessel , it may take a long time to find a perfect yacht. You already have a view on how the vessel should look, which length she must have , what kind of engine and witch comfort and convenience items there have to be present. These criteria are often change during the search for your yacht because you can see what is and is not possible.

If we have found a boat of which we say “that’s her “ it should be self-evident that we get what we think we have bought. Nothing could be further from the truth. Used boats often have their shortcomings and more and more appealing is done to a certified expert pleasure craft(yacht surveyor) for a comprehensive purchase-appraisal. For new recreational craft certified yacht surveyors are rarely hired. We hope that a shipyard, knows what she is doing and that they will deliver what they promise. This will be so, in many cases, but we must be aware that a recreational craft a complex set of components and materials, and that the construction of a boat for the large part is still hand work. Whether it be in Europe, or in a shipyard in China. Where there are people there are mistakes, and there are days on which the workers are less motivated to work, then a defects will be made quickly. These errors are not noticed before the acceptance, but once you make use of the recreational craft, they come to light . then you must discus with the shipyard about what is the cause and the impact of the irregularity. Moreover, the law says that the buyer has a research duty. The word “purchase-appraisal “, includes used recreational crafts as well as new . The acceptance shout not occur before a comprehensive survey of van Baars surveyor recreational craft. In that survey all the irregularities will be reported in detail and reported to the yard. So that they, in turn, can provide a wonderful end product.

A good surveyor will always pay himself back.

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