As a boat owner you run the risk of damage to your precious possession. Think sinking, fire, collision, stranding, engine failure, theft or burglary. Once there is damage to your boat, you must inform your insurance company directly. Your insurance company will send an in company, or an external damage ajuster to determine the damage to your boat. This investigation can also be carried out on your own assignment, without further consequences. The insurer is required by law to reimburse the reasonable costs to determining the damage. The outcome of the ajuster is entirely dependent on his opinion on extent of damage and whether or not, cause of loss is covered and interpretation by your insurer.

Why hire your own adjuster or a counter-expert? Insurance companies work with their own experts or assessors that are committed to maintain the relationship between them and the insurer. A positive loss statistics is crucial in the relation between insurer and adjuster. It goes without saying that this expertise agencies largely depend on the insurer&/back-up/en/pages/schadeinspecties#39;s to generate income. That this is odd with the notion of &/back-up/en/pages/schadeinspecties#39;independent&/back-up/en/pages/schadeinspecties#39; speaks for itself. But an objective approach of your damage is, in addition to knowledge, the main condition for proper settlement. In this claim settlement process you are, as not an expert by experience, the weaker party, while in the policy named concepts, such as market value, inadequate care and burden of proof, do have room for unilateral interpretation. Guarantee of proper claims settlement is equality of parties, where your right to appropriate compensation paramount. In this process, hiring your own adjuster, with expertise in the matter and procedure is of distinctive importance.

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